The project will be developed in two basic sections, not including the Project Administration and Dissemination of Outcomes. The two stages are:

  1. Research, Design and Development of the content
  2. Illustration design and development of digital and printed version of the Information package

The two sections were developed in parallel, in order for the content and the overall design of the Guides, including diagrams and images to be complementary to each other, and the final product to be clear, practical and usable for the migrants returning to their country of origin.

The research team of project collected data, reports and other relevant information from local (country of origin), and international organizations, based on the Guides’ main topics and developed the content accordingly. In parallel, the design team of the project in close collaboration with the research team developed a practical and user-friendly template for the guides. Part of this process was the development of graphs, tables, representations, maps and images. With the completion of the content and the template, the two were merged developing a first draft of the Origin Guides of the three countries, in digital form. Following a series of pilot testing and reviews, the Origin Guides of the 3 countries were finalized in English. Following this process, the Guides were translated in their respective language (Chinese, Georgian and Turkish) and printed in 2100 copies in total. The hard copies of the Guides were distributed to Cyprus Public Authorities dealing with migrants returning to their country of origin. Soft copies of the Origin Guides, both in English and in their respective national languages are also available in the present web-platform in flip book format.