CARDET in cooperation with INNOVADE LI Ltd were granted with the project "Development and Publication of a Country of Origin/Residence Information Guide for Returnees " (Action 3.1.3., European Return Fund, Annual Program 2011) by the Solidarity Funds Sector of the Cyprus Ministry of Interior. The development of these guides is co-funded by the European Return Fund (75%) and the Republic of Cyprus (25%).

The Origin Guides are addressed to migrants living in Cyprus and who are about to return to their country of origin. The Origin Guides were developed for migrants returning to China, Georgia and Turkey. The primary objective of the guides is to help migrants, returning to their country of origin, to re-integrate to their local society. Moreover, the Guides will facilitate the efforts of relevant public authorities to ease the re-entrance of migrants in their countries of origin. The guides were developed based on information and data retrieved from public services, international organizations and non-governmental organizations.