Project Partners

CARDET LogoCARDET (Centre for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology) is an independent, non-profit, research and development organization based in Cyprus with partners around the world. CARDET is becoming one of the leading institutions in the Mediterranean region for research and development in e-learning, education, innovation, and Information Communication Technologies. The CARDET team strives to offer the highest quality research and development capabilities and educational opportunities to benefit society. CARDET’s mission is to inspire next generation education, and to promote research, innovation, and development through evidence-based practices, cutting-edge research, and empowered professionals.

The main goals of the organization are:

  • To conduct research and development on the links between education, training, Information Communication Technologies, and social progress.
  • To apply interdisciplinary approaches that improve and strengthen the role of civil society, democratic processes, equality, and social justice for all.
  • To develop links with organizations and agencies around the world in addressing social, business, health, environmental, and education needs.
  • To foster innovation and leadership for educational and social reform.
  • To provide research, evaluation, and training services to governments, businesses, and other agencies.



InnovadeINNOVADE LI LTD is an SME based in Cyprus, with a team of professionals with several years of experience in strategic visioning, business development, social entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and academic industries. Its project experiences and academic influences span the globe. Its goal is to assist clients to define and attain their Strategic Goals and achieve their operational objectives by providing unparallel level of expert support. InnovADE works with organizations to help them streamline technological advancements and productivity tools into their processes to ensure that they improve performance, and increase their productivity and profitability. The InnovADE team has a positive outlook in formulating and solving problems, a passion and the commitment to clients, and its expertise, experience, and knowledge are the driving forces behind its business philosophy. The combination of these values is what differentiates InnovADE from the multitude of other organizations. InnovADE is specializing in various solutions, based on its strategic direction and supported by resident expertise. Some of the areas of strength are: Innovation Infusion, Strategic Development, Project Management, Expert Opinion Services, Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation.